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Indian Desi Masala Beauties For sexy, hot indian babes

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Default Welcome members

Welcome traveller,

You might have been sent here via has been merged here into its new home at ScanLover Forum.
Please continue to find and share Indian Desi Masala Beauties within this forum at

Elsewhere on SLF, you will find photos, videos and discussion on beauties from all over Asia, so please take your time to explore the forum!
Do register/register.php a new account with us, you will need to verify your email and login to access some of the photos and content here...

Enjoy your stay!

PS. If you have any questions, please email me at

Sorry donations are closed...
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yay Desi =D <3 Welcome new members!
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But do note that you will require to use attachments & not hotlinks in this section so you do need to get use to it!

-- Always on alert within the realm from the shadows! --
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Welcome to SLF.
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Welcome ALL to SLF .

Don't forget to read the rules when you get a chance ... we may seem a little strict about these rules sometimes, but SLF is a very well run forum.

Being around for so many years is proof of that.
Remember to use the THANKS BUTTON ... or Jee Ja will come and get ya' !!

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Default thank you

Thank you for good site.
Very helpful.
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