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Old 08-21-2010, 09:44 PM   #1
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Wink Tiny Ass Cheeks - Adult Girls, Petite Bare Buttocks

Pictures of young adult Asian girls showing tiny bare ass cheeks - ladies with sexy small asses showing their buttocks naked; their bottoms either completly nude in the photos, or partially uncovered with skirt up or off, or shorts etc. down; and mostly wearing no more than a thong as underwear on their behinds.

A thread for small ass Asian girls has arrived at last! A new ScanLover tradition of images of young Asian women showing their sweet tiny nude buns; a full specialised erotic photo image gallery of tiny-assed girls baring little butts - cute petite bums - diminutive feminine derrières - sassy small bottoms; now begins.

For a long time there have been venues and picture threads for girls with small breasts ... girls with average sized asses ... and even 'big booty' bottoms ... But now it's time for the fans of Asian girls with small petite asses, the naughty girls showing their little tiny bare butt cheeks, now it's time to have a special place to gather and view photos of these girls together, instead of hunting for them here and there.

A small ass is actually a little rare. It should be noted that even many 'petite' women, and even many Asian women, tiny as they are, do not have a small ass. This is especially true of many of the popular Japanese models, who often have a medium-size or somewhat large ass, despite not being overweight at all. Just because a girl is small and tiny in general, doesn't mean she has a tiny butt.

Little tiny buttock cheeks are a special, distinctive feminine feature in their own right, often seen especially among the petite and small-breasted Filipinas ... but small-assed girls may be of any Asian ethnic origin, and include some girls that are relatively somewhat tall (though usually slender and skinny in that case).

When she has one, an adult Asian girl's small ass can be quite tiny, even nearly flat ... but still very deliciously lovely ... and this thread is here to celebrate those girls with the pretty and truly little behinds.

Starting this thread off with numerous rows of photos, so that viewers can really have a good idea of what small naked buttocks on an Asian girl really look like.

This is a softcore, girls-only thread. And adult girls only, of course!

And also would like to keep this thread consistently showing at least partially nude sweet ass cheeks, on behinds that are genuinely tiny and small. Naked ass cheeks framed with a thong are perfect here, as well as completely bare buttocks.

Also shots where a skirt or slip or nightie is half-lifted up showing some nude ass cheek skin. Photos with see-through knickers - panties, where the crack in the girl's behind and her ass curves are visible through the fabric - are all right as well.

Pictures with a girl's behind fully covered in knickers - panties, or in some tight ass-hugging clothing, can be here occasionally, especially if the girl is otherwise nearly nude - but mostly as part of a set of photos where the girl's ass in eventually at least partly bare.

Photos with a small-assed girl's vadge showing along with her bare ass, are also a major element of the images here, though these should be tasteful rather than the 'intimate spreading' kind. Indeed, one of the sexy features of a tiny-assed girl, is the way her petite bottom accents her vagina and intimate features when she bends over.

But other kinds of female ass photos should be put in the general open 'Asian Asses' thread or another place, pictures such as:

- girls with medium-size behinds, or larger behinds

- where the girl's ass cheeks and body are covered, even if her ass is small

Here are some places to post and view those other kinds of Asian girls' ass photos, both nude and covered. The first one is very open and general:

Asian Asses v. 14

Big Booty Asians

Somewhat more specialised in terms of the girls' position, are these two threads:

Buns Up .... not on knees (belly down)

Asses Up Doggie Pose (softcore, girls only)

And for the behinds of amateur girls, both clothed and naked, there is:

'Amateur Asses'

And now, of course to start with some pictures, of charming young adult Asian ladies showing their naked ass cheeks.

And how else better to start a thread on girls showing tiny nude butt cheeks, than with a row of photos of bare-assed petite pretty Filipina women.

First in the images here is Annabelle;

Then thoughtful Janelyn, naked except for her high heels;

Next is Filipina star Julee Anne, also nude except for her shoes;

Then it's Rose with her wonderfully-colured bare brown bottom;

And finally, sweet little bare assed and naked Wendy.
Attached Thumbnails
annabelle-f-pb-10.jpg   janelyn-f-pb-09.jpg   julee-anne-f-pb-12.jpg   rose-f-pb-13.jpg   wendy-f-pb-c15.jpg  

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Default Ana, Mya, Renka, Sandra, Tussinee; tiny naked ass cheeks

More photos of young adult ladies with petite buttocks showing their nude ass cheeks.

First in the pictures here is Ana, after pulling down her bikini bottom;

Then it's petite and skinny-assed Mya, naked except for her wedge high heels, her long hair reaching down to her butt, and giving us a peek of vadge as well as displaying her derrière;

Next in the images is slender Renka of Perfect G, showing her own nude behind;

Then it's Thai model Sandra, kneeling submissively in a chair, wearing both stockings and cute little white ankle socks with her fetish high heels, but bottomless and showing her tight little buttocks completely nude;

And finally, it's petite 'tiny girls' Thai star Tussinee, lowering her bottom undies, and showing her famous sweet tiny brown bum.
Attached Thumbnails
ana-pb-03.jpg   mya-pb-92.jpg   renka-perfect-g-pb-062.jpg   sandra-th-pb-088a.jpg   tussinee-th-pb-11.jpg  

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Default Carol showing her tiny naked ass, with thigh-high stockings & high heels

Here are some pictures of very favoured tiny ass erotic model Carol, wearing the perfect outfit to show off her small and sweet little bottom.

In these photos Carol is wearing only lace-top thigh-high stay up fishnet stockings along with high heeled shoes, so is quite naked above the tops of her stockings. Even kneeling with her legs close together, from behind we can see a glimpse of Carol's little vadge showing beneath her small bare ass.

Carol slowly turns her head as the images proceed, giving us a nice set of bare bottom photos as her body moves, and then lays on her back with legs up to give us a final different view of both her bottom and her noochie.
Attached Thumbnails
carol-pb-01.jpg   carol-pb-02.jpg   carol-pb-03.jpg   carol-pb-04.jpg   carol-pb-05.jpg  

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Default Catherine, Janice, Jana; Filipinas showing tiny bare ass cheeks

Three young adult Filipina women, here showing their bare ass cheeks in a nice group of photos.

First in the pictures is tiny slender Catherine, kneeling on the furniture in high heels, wearing nothing above her shoes but a little black thong framing her tiny wonderful ass;

Then, some images of another Filipina, Janice, here showing off her nice naked behind, and how well outlined it is by her tan lines;

And finally, last of the Filipinas here is Jana, a taller girl but still with a nice tiny ass, lowering her knickers - panties - and then showing her buttocks naked for us as she puts one leg up on a chair.
Attached Thumbnails
catherine-f-pb-12.jpg   janice-f-pb-11.jpg   janice-f-pb-12.jpg   jana-f-pb-08.jpg   jana-f-pb-10.jpg  

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Default Thainee shows her tiny naked ass cheeks 1

Of course no thread of photos of Asian girls with tiny ass cheeks, could leave out ScanLover's own goddess and 'tiny girls' star from Thailand, Thainee.

Here are some pictures to start off the Thainee bare ass cheek collection that will be extended a little later in this thread.

In the first of the images Thainee lay nude with buns up on a bed;

Then Thainee is pulling down a little block thong;

Next we see Thainee topless and with hands up on the wall, standing in fetish high heels and having dropped her jeans below her naked butt cheeks - no underwear, it seems, for this naughty girl;

Then we see Thainee on one knee and bending over, having lifted up a cute little pink dress, with her knickers - panties - pulled down, showing her bare ass and some noochie;

And finally, a photo of Thainee kneeling on the furniture, fishnet top rolled up above her nipples, Thainee wearing wild above-the-knee striped socks and even wilder black fetish high heels; Thainee here naked at the hips, giving a view of her tight little nude ass, and letting us see a fair amount of vadge as well.
Attached Thumbnails
thainee-pb-bed-99.jpg   thainee-pb-blkthng-08.jpg   thainee-pb-jeans-14.jpg   thainee-pb-pnkdrss-03.jpg   thainee-pb-rdstrp-05.jpg  

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Default Gayle, Janice, Noimie, Kona and Kaye; tiny bare ass cheeks

Photos of a few young adult Asian women showing the naked skin of their tiny little behinds.

First in the pictures is slender Gayle Angeli, completely nude and showing her tight little ass;

Next in the images it's Janice, one of the young women from Sea-QTeaze, bottomless by the pool and showing her bare little derrière;

Then another Sea-QTeaze young lady, Noimie, with knickers - panties - pulled down, and in a sassy pose looking back over her shoulder at us, knowing we like the look of her nice little naked bottom;

Next is Kona Kalani, in a bright red thong bikini, her own hand grabbing one of her tiny bare ass cheeks for us;

And finally, Kaye Lani, lifting a little blue item to reveal most of her tight little naked bum.
Attached Thumbnails
gayle-angeli-pb-09.jpg   janice-sqt-pb-003.jpg   noimie-sqt-pb-061.jpg   kona-kalani-pb-07.jpg   kaye-lani-pb-12b.jpg  

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Default Hiky shows her tiny ass naked 1

Photos of young adult model Hiky, petite young woman of Asian heritage from the 'Suicide Girls', the intentionally pro-feminist and woman-centred erotica source.

Here are just a few pictures of Hiky mostly nude and showing her nice tiny little buttocks all bare, part of a set that will be extended at a later point in the thread.

Hiky is quite sexy as she shows the tan lines on her petite naked derrIère, as especially clear in the last of the images.

Photos of Hiky continue later in the thread here:
Originally Posted by river-breeze View Post
Here continue the pictures of Hiky, mostly nude
Attached Thumbnails
hiky-sg-pb-32.jpg   hiky-sg-pb-34.jpg   hiky-sg-pb-45.jpg   hiky-sg-pb-c27.jpg   hiky-sg-pb-c41.jpg  

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Default Aragiselle, Jennyn, Laya, Marianne, Mary; Filipinas showing small bare asses

Photos of five young adult Filipina women all showing naked small behinds.

First in the pictures is Aragiselle, also known as Ara, nude but hugging a curtain to her front;

Then it's girl-next-door model Jennyn, showing her little bottom naked on the bed;

Next in the images is slender Filipina star Laya, naked except for white high heels with clear top straps, showing off her long legs and her skinny bare ass, and displaying some naked noochie too;

Then it's Filipina model Marianne, showing her naked behind as she finishes stripping in the bath - nice shadings of realistic colour to be seen in the full-size photo, giving a wonderfully un-retouched intimate view of an Asian girl's ass;

And finally, it's sassy Mary lowering her naughty-schoolgirl skirt perfectly below the curve of her ass cheeks, to frame them for our view.
Attached Thumbnails
aragiselle-f-pb-b03.jpg   jennyn-f-pb-14b.jpg   laya-f-pb-49.jpg   marianne-f-pb-04.jpg   mary-f-pb-10.jpg  

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Default Slender Filipina Diana, her tight bottom in a pink thong

Photos of slender young adult Filipina model Diana, already stripped down to her pink and white lingerie as the pictures start.

Diana has a nice tight little behind, and seems to enjoy showing off her naked and softly brown ass cheeks framed by her pink thong.

These big images give us a variety of angles to view Diana's pleasing bottom, and show some nice realistic colour shading of her ass cheek skin as well.
Attached Thumbnails
diana-f-pb-15.jpg   diana-f-pb-17.jpg   diana-f-pb-18.jpg   diana-f-pb-19.jpg   diana-f-pb-20.jpg  

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Default Embracing and playing nearly nude Filipinas, showing bare little asses

Some very nice small ass photos come up in the image sets of petite Filipinas playing as naughty naked lesbians, found on threads like Two Women & Lesbian Play v. 3 and the threads preceding it.

Here are a few of those pictures, giving us some sweet views of young adult Filipina women with tiny naked ass cheeks.

In the first of the images it's Abby and Mae;

Then it's Annabelle and Macy;

Next as embracing nude girls are Diane and Amy;

Then it's Grace and Karla in a moment of passion;

And finally, it's Janet pulling the knickers - panties - off the nude buttocks of Joven, also sometimes called 'Lyn' in some photo sets, as part of Janet giving her a spanking on her little Filipina bottom.
Attached Thumbnails
abby-mae-f-pb-07.jpg   annabelle-macy-f-pb-10.jpg   dianne-amy-f-pb-009.jpg   grace-karla-f-pb-013.jpg   joven-janet-f-pb-15.jpg  

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ass, bottoms, nude, small asses, tiny girls

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